Ice Cream

Project Description

The Basics

I created the brand identity, product packaging and marketing materials for Flavour Creations Ice Cream from 2016 to 2018. This unique product is shelf stable and does not melt like regular ice cream, making it safe for people with swallowing difficulties.

The Brief

Create an identity that conveys the creamy ‘old-fashioned’ texture and taste of the ice cream. Design packaging and marketing materials that appeal to the key target market of nurses, dietitians and speech pathologists.

The Outcome

Flavour Creations Ice Cream has been sold to hospitals, aged-care homes, pharmacies and private customers across Australia and New Zealand since 2016. It is an extremely popular product and has had three product line extensions within three years of launching.

The Skills

Brand identity

Packaging design

Print design

Animation & video design

EDM design

Signage & display design


Packaging Design

Ice Cream - Vanilla
Ice Cream - Strawberry
Ice Cream - Chocolate

Flyer Design

Ice Cream Flyer

Print Ad Design + Copywriting

Ice Cream Print Ad - New Strawberry Flavour
Ice Cream Print Ad - Summer Time
Ice Cream Print Ad - New Chocolate Flavour

EDM Design + Copywriting

Ice Cream EDM - Chocolate Teaser
Ice Cream EDM - Chocolate Launch

Social Media Design

Ice Cream Social Media GIF - Facebook Competition
Ice Cream Social Media GIF - New Chocolate Teaser
Ice Cream Social Media GIF - Free Ice Cream Event

Signage & Tradeshow Display

Ice Cream Tradeshow Cart
Ice Cream Pull-Up Banner