Project Description

The Basics

I created a variety of designs for AdVital from 2015 to 2018, including packaging, a product website, promotional merchandise and print and digital marketing collateral. AdVital is a nutritionally complete supplement powder manufactured by Flavour Creations.

The Brief

Create clean and vibrant designs that align with the existing brand identity. For the AdVital summer smoothie campaign, produce collateral that targets female consumers.

The Outcome

AdVital has been sold to hospitals, aged-care homes, pharmacies and private customers across Australia & New Zealand since 2015.

The Skills

Packaging design

Website design

WordPress CMS

Print design

Photo styling & editing

Video styling & editing

Photography & filming by Jodie Sullivan

Packaging Design

AdVital Pudding - Vanilla
AdVital Pudding - Salted Caramel
AdVital Pudding - Chocolate

Website Design & WordPress Development

AdVital Website - Home Page
AdVital Website - Who Is It For 50+ Page
AdVital Website - Mixing & Storage Page
AdVital Website - Recipes Page
AdVital Website - Where To Buy Page

Tote Bag & Pharmacy Wobbler Design

AdVital Tote Bag
AdVital Shelf Wobbler

Photo Styling & Editing (click & drag to compare)

AdVital Smoothie Strawberry - Unedited PhotoAdVital Smoothie Strawberry - Edited Photo
AdVital Smoothie Choc Banana - Unedited PhotoAdVital Smoothie Choc Banana - Edited Photo
AdVital Smoothie Mango Raspberry - Unedited PhotoAdVital Smoothie Mango Raspberry - Edited Photo
AdVital Smoothie Group - Unedited PhotoAdVital Smoothie Group - Edited Photo

Video Styling & Editing